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Our Tanning Beds

Level 6

Our Level 6 Tanning Bed is the Prestige 1400.

The Prestige 1400 redefines luxury and takes tanning to new heights. On the inside, the Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results by taking the lamps position in the unit into consideration and adjusting the output accordingly for the most even and dark all-over tan that processes for up to 72 hours after your tanning session!  Now you can bring your tan to the next level!

  • Intelligent Performance Technology ensures the perfect all around tan.

    • 10 minute maximum exposure schedule

    • 52 x 200 watt Intelligent Performance body lamps

    • 4 x 520 watt Ultra performance Plus Facial tanner with 4, 8 watt Spaghetti lamps

    • 2 x 250 watt high pressure shoulder tanners

    • Neck tanner​

· Aqua Mist
Aqua Mist makes any tanning session a refreshing experience. Superfine mist is can be activated separately for the facial and body area.
· Aroma
The Aroma feature ensures tanning indulgence for all senses. Enjoy pleasantly fragranced air in the tanning room and tunnel for ultimate relaxation and a sense of luxury. 

Try Our Level 6 out Today!

Level 5

Our Level 5 is a SS 756 Stand Up Bed. This is perhaps the best stand up tanning bed you can tan in!   This vertical tanning unit features 56 of the 200 watt bronzing lamps wrapped around you during your session. Get all those hard to tan areas in only 8 minutes and continue processing for up to 48 hours after tanning in the level 5!

Level 4

Our Level 4 is a Tan Anerica 6400.  This 10 minute max bed has a contoured base to help eliminate pressure points that you may get in other beds on your shoulder blades and tailbone. It also has 4 of the facial tanning lamps that you can adjust to suit you as well as shoulder tanners. You continue to process for up to 48 hours after your tanning session in our level 4!

Level 3
Tan America 5400

Our Level 3 is a Tan America 5400 OR a Sundome 548 Stand Up! 

 The 5400 is a slight step down to our level 4 but still offers the larger arch and base for more all around tanning coverage.  It offers 3 facial tanning lamps and a 12 minute total tanning session. The Sundome is a 10 minute stand up tanning bed that helps get all those hard to tan areas! You can continue to process UV for up to 36 hours after your tanning session in our level 3 beds!

Level 2
bed 4.jpg

Our Level 2 bronzer beds are Ovation 3400s and are the first in our line of bronzer beds. They are 12 minute beds with 3 facial tanners offering a  processing time of up to 24 hours after your tanning session.  

Level 1

Our Level 1 beds are Santa Barbara Tanning Beds.  They are the first in our lineup of beds and are the only sunbeds in our salon.  Level 1s are good for preparation for the sun or to pop your color while tanning in a bronzer bed on a regular basis.  Being a sunbed, you only process UV during your tanning session.  

Ask your Tanning Consultant what bed is best for YOU!

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