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Point System:

Points are like minutes.  They are deducted from your point balance as you use them.  Points NEVER expire.  Points used vary by level of tanning. 

Level 1--1 point per minute

Level 2--2 points per minute

Level 3--3 points per minute

Level 4--5 points per minute

Level 5--6 points per minute

Level 6--8 points per minute


Memberships are available in 3 month, 6 month, or yearly increments.  Memberships offer a discount on tanning, lotions, and other services at the salon.  Throughout the year, perks are given for various services to members only!  Memberships are the way to go if you're a frequent tanner and like to keep your glow!

Unlimited Monthly Packages:

We also offer monthly packages.  Stop in and talk with one of our helpful associates to learn more about our unlimited packages!

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